The Spillover by LOKAL

Welcome back food lovers!

Now this was a treat. I stumbled across this spot thanks to my favorite trusty foodie tool: YELP. Haha. I was surprised to learn that this is part of the LoKal chain of restaurants only because I had no idea this spot even existed! The Spillover is located in Coconut Grove, directly across where the Improv use to be. A little hidden but worth the trip. If you're a seafood lover, you definitely need to pay them a visit. You'll be happy you did!

Buffalo fried Oysters, served with cocktail sauce for dipping.
(not listed on the menu, but I'm sure you can ask for them)

As much as I love seafood, I'm not a huge fan of oysters. However, I will eat oysters any day of the week if they taste like the ones pictured above! Oh my god, amazing. I should mention that I love the taste of buffalo sauce but still, these were delicious. The bar is made of Old Bay seasoning cans which I thought was very unique. Relaxing and chill environment. Everything we had tasted great, and the cherry on top (litterally, you'll see why soon) was the Guava bread pudding. I was a happy fat girl by the end of this meal.

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