the MIA foodie in.. NY

Hello food lovers!

New York City might be my favorite city outside of Miami. I try to visit as often as I can, and each trip is a complete different experience than the one before. One of my favorite things about the city is the endless options of places to eat! Mmm..

Fondue Burger
Clinton Hall NY

First up is Clinton Hall NY

I've been to the Seaport location twice during two separate trips, so that gives you an idea of how good this place is. Known for their outrageous creations, such as the Fondue Burger (pictured above), the enormous WTF Waffles and their Famous Doughnut Grilled Cheese (which went viral + the reason for my visit), Clinton Hall is the perfect restaurant if you're looking for something exciting and impressive to eat!

The Famous Doughnut Grilled Cheese
Fresh glazed doughnut oozing with mozzarella cheese over a piping hot bowl of tomato soup

Buffalo Cauliflower
with CH Buffalo sauce and crumbled blue cheese


Another place on my list of "places to eat" in NY was Momofuku Milk Bar. I'm pretty sure most of you have come across a picture of either their adorable naked Birthday cake's or infamous Milk Cereal soft serve. 

I was instantly hooked from first time I had this soft serve- IT TASTES LIKE MILK. Obvious, but still surprising? I've just never had ice cream that tasted like actual milk and couldn't believe how delicious it tasted lol. The crunchy cornflakes were the perfect topping, like they say "it tastes just like the milk at the bottom of a cereal bowl" - too bomb. Let me also mention that the Birthday Cake truffles are an absolute MUST. Before my trip was over I made sure to stop by again and get a few to bring home!

Cereal Milk Soft Serve
Made with milk, cornflakes, brown sugar and a pinch of salt


Luke's Lobster was a spot I had to come to every time I was in NY. Lucky for me, we now have our very own location in Miami :)

Garlic Lobster Roll


A familiar treat originally from NYC that is also now available in Miami is Taiyaki NYC

I got to try the very popular fish shaped ice cream cone and taro unicorn float in NY before our location opened in Wynwood. I remember how excited I was to find out they were coming to Miami!

The Unicorn Special
vanilla and strawberry ice cream in a red bean filling fish shaped cone 
topped with unicorn sprinkles

Lactose-Free Taro Slush
whipped cream and sprinkles, comes in a cute unicorn floatie!


Stumbled across Blue Dog Kitchen on our last morning in NY thanks to Yelp and this is a little hole in the wall  restaurant / bar that seats you family style- meaning we shared our tiny shelf table with two complete strangers lol. Elbow to elbow. I've never experienced a place like this before but it was neat. The food was great, lighting wasn't. This was the best shot I could capture of my breakfast!

Grilled Avocado Benedict
2 free range poached eggs and hollandaise on an english muffin
served with roasted potatoes and a mixed greens salad


I hope this post helps if you're ever in New York City and looking for a place to eat!


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