BTS of The Versace Mansion Kitchen

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You're in for a very special blog post!

I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to take some behind the scenes pictures for another event that took place at The Villa Casa Casuarina, formally known as The Versace Mansion. I got to follow around the chef's in both kitchens and take pictures of the beautiful dishes they were putting together, as well as taste a few of them. My favorite part of the night was meeting the staff in the pastry kitchen! Not only were they total sweet hearts, but they truly got a kick out of feeding me a little bit of everything they were whipping up (you know I was in heaven..)

I asked Chef Mikel if he had ever created anything with guava and cream cheese because it was my absolute favorite combination, and to my surprise, he decided to make a guava and cream cheese filling for the macaroons being served at the event! *insert heart eyes emoji* I was a happy fat girl. They fed me slabs of guava and cream cheese all night, along with chocolates, fresh berries, and a few of those scrumptious macaroons. 

Chef Mikel Pichs and Hugo

Executive Chef Thomas Stewart

Mushroom Risotto with truffle gouda

Key West Prawns and seasonal vegetables over saffron aioli
(I got to try this one and it was heavenly! The shrimp's were massive)

Wagyu Filet over Mashed Potatoes and Asparagus, topped with crispy Onions

Airline Chicken over Baby Carrots and Mashed Potatoes

And now.. The desserts!

Richard and Chef Mikel

Strawberry shortcake

Whippin up the Guava for the filling! Yumm..

The most delicious macaroon I have ever tasted:
made with a grand marnier, guava and cream cheese filling! 
I swear I only had about 5 of them hehe..

No torch? No problem. 
He used an old fashion technique to caramelize the sugar on the Crème brûlée with a hot spoon.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! 

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